Marino Brogi
The home of the surrealist artist.
Surrealistic Oil Paintings
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Marino Brogi
Studio: Via N. Cecioni, n. 277/A,
50036 Fraz. Pratolino, Vaglia (Florence - Italy)

The artistic life of Marino Brogi starts in 1970. Ever since, with the help of some Masters and renowned critics, his painting career is getting a lot of public and critic’s assents.
Marino Brogi has participated in numerous exhibitions (more than 150 among one-man and group exhibitions) both in Italy and in other European Countries. Among these, the following awards deserve a particular mention: Award “Biennale di Venezia” [ITA] organized by the Cultural Association “Amici del Quadrato” (1990 and 2001), the first prize at the Great International Award of Painting, “Città di Bologna” [ITA] (1999) and the gold medal at the 23rd National Competition of Painting “Cristoforo Marzaroli” Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma [ITA]), (1999, and 2005).
Among the numerous prizes received, they stand out: the “Nobel Award of the Art” (Republic of San Marino, 1998), the Quadrennial Award “Oscar dell’Arte 2001” (Monte-Carlo, Principality of Monaco, 2001), the “Grand Prix International de la Cote d’Azur 2002” (Nice, France), the International Award to the Career “Lo Scugnizzo del Mediterraneo” (Napoli, [ITA] 2002) and the Great Award for the Visual Arts “La Vela d’Oro” (Riccione, [ITA] 2002).

«Marino Brogi has done masterpieces by means of his rich expressivity; his paintings are able to communicate that the eyes see and the heart feels, by means of the joyfulness of the colours. They are works of singular intensity, where the artist paints the Nature and the everyday life, he abandons the style researches, to centre his attention on a figuration without time.»

Hon. Prof. Alfredo Pasolino
Critic and Historian of the Art (Vigevano, Pavia [ITA])

«The flowers and the landscapes of Marino Brogi, dictated by the love for the everyday reality that surrounds him, offer, at a first time, emotions of harmonious levity and emphasize, after a more careful examination, the artist’s capacity of observation and of chromatic reprocessing.»

Walter Campani
Critic of the Art (Florence [ITA])

Marino Brogi
The artistic activity of Marino Brogi is documented in the catalogue “Il Quadrato” (1977, 1978, 1989), in the “Enciclopedia dei Pittori e Scultori del Novecento” (1991), in the catalogue “Pittori e Scultori Italiani di Importanza Europea” (1992, 1999), in the “Catalogo degli Artisti” (GADARTE, 2000) and in the catalogue “Selezione Arte Italiana” (ed. L’Élite 2001).

Marino Brogi rewarded at Venice (Italy) in the year 1990.

Marino Brogi rewarded by the Art’s Critic Prof. Lucio Violi (President of the National Cultural Association “Amici del Quadrato” at the “Antoniano” of Bologna [Italy]) in the year 1999.

Marino Brogi rewarded by the Critic and Historian of the Art Hon. Prof. Alfredo Pasolino, at Nice (France) in the year 2002.
In the picture some members of the committee: Comtesse Prof. Beltickhime d’Ortoli (Director of the Academy “Ecole d’Art Nice”, Prof. Francesco Chetta (Artistic Director of “New Art Promotion”, the French Master of painting Gerard Argelier