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Surrealistic Oil Paintings
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«Marino Brogi has done masterpieces by means of his rich expressivity; his paintings are able to communicate that the eyes see and the heart feels, by means of the joyfulness of the colours. They are works of singular intensity, where the artist paints the Nature and the everyday life, he abandons the style researches, to centre his attention on a figuration without time.»

Hon. Prof. Alfredo Pasolino
Critic and Historian of the Art (Vigevano, Pavia [ITA])

«The flowers and the landscapes of Marino Brogi, dictated by the love for the everyday reality that surrounds him, offer, at a first time, emotions of harmonious levity and emphasize, after a more careful examination, the artistís capacity of observation and of chromatic reprocessing.»

Walter Campani
Critic of the Art (Florence [ITA])


Marino Brogi
Studio: Via N. Cecioni, n. 277/A,
50036 Fraz. Pratolino, Vaglia (Firenze - Italia)

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